Thursday, June 2, 2011

Favorite Couples: Robin Hood and Maid Marian

Robin Hood BBC, although only lasting 3 seasons on television, is one of my all-time favorite shows. The first season aired in 2006, but I discovered the show about 2 years ago. It quickly became one of my favorites even though I got mad at the writers several times. For those of you who haven't seen it, I won't give away any spoilers. What I loved about this show was that it really got you involved with the characters and was so much fun to watch. It was like the Disney Robin Hood but made for an older viewing audience.

When I was younger, I always loved the Robin Hood story. From Disney's Robin Hood to Erroyl Flynn's portrayal of Hood, I always found the story fun and exciting. I found Robin and Marian's relationship particularly sweet in each film, but my favorite Robin and Marian would have to be Jonas Armstrong and Lucy Griffiths from Robin Hood BBC.

Lucy Griffiths doesn't portray your typical Maid Marian-she is feisty and not very impressed with Robin when he returns home from the Holy Land. Robin and Marian were engaged to be married before he left, and Marian still feels hurt that he left to find adventure with King Richard instead of staying back to marry her. Marian also has to ward off the attentions of Sir Guy of Gisborne (played by Richard Armitage), throwing a love triangle into the show. Marian has a secret as well: she is the "Nightwatchman" to the people under the Sheriff's tyrannical rule. She brings food and supplies to the poor who are being heavily taxed, making her a female Robin Hood of sorts. While Robin and Marian's relationship gets off to a rough start at first, they begin to open up to one another eventually and forgive each other for past wrongs. It's frustrating watching them at times, because you wish you could make them say certain things to each other you know they would like to say! By the second season, their romantic relationship really starts. What I love about their romance is that it's pure and sweet-Marian is exactly what Robin needs. She grounds him and encourages him to fight for the people.

Jonas Armstrong also doesn't play your typical Robin Hood. He's portrayed as a relatively young man who is somewhat of a show-off. He's also a ladies man who seems a bit out of control at first, but throughout the series, Robin really matures. By the second season, he really learns from his mistakes and becomes a better leader of his gang. While Robin isn't perfect, especially when it comes to relating to Marian, I love his cheeky and fun personality. He is also fiercely protective when it comes to Marian-it is obvious that she is the driving force behind everything he does. Although I was furious at him during season 3 for a few things (I blame it all on the writers), I do believe that Marian will always be his one true love.

Here is one of my favorite scenes with them-Robin proposes to Marian. I think it's one of the most adorable proposals. =)

If you haven't seen Robin Hood BBC yet, check it out. It's a family show and relatively clean (except for a few things in Season 3). Also, the very first episode of Season 1 started off a little rough, but stick with it, it gets much better I promise!!!  

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  1. Aww, what a sweet proposal! I'm glad I waited to comment because I just got to know them last week and just finished season 1 Friday. I'll ask you some questions in person because I don't want to be responsible for spoilers here, but I can really identify with them now that I've started watching. Actually, this post explained for me a few things I wasn't clear about in Season 1 since I did miss a couple of early episodes. I'm glad their relationship stayed pure and I'm totally sold on these family shows now since they have managed to stay away from all the stuff we are always encountering on TV and in movies.

    Thanks for introducing us to another good show, Sara. As I see my favorite couple over to the right of here, I'm really thankful for you introducing me to them most of all!